[MOD] Metro Alaska

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I have currently started modding the Alaska theme to make it look very similar to the new Windows 8 /Windows Phone 7/ Zune Metro theme.

Due to not having the time or the know how, I was wondering if somebody with skinning expertise could help finish it off.

This is what I have so far:

As you guys can see, it needs a lot of work but has a lot of potential.

How to apply:

Download the alaska skin from here (follow the instructions - it works fine with EDEN eventhough it says its not 100% compatible):

Apply the skin to XBMC.
Go to settings > Alaska > Home Styles - Enable Horizontal Home Layout

Close XBMC

Navigate to (C:\Users\[ YOUR USERNAME ]\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\skin.alaska.revisited)

Overwrite the files with the ones provided in the zip folder.

Open XBMC (If you want to apply the dark theme similar to the one in the screenshots, go to settings> appearence> Skin> Theme > CarbonMesh and colours to Night).

Improve the code (all code so far is from trial and error)
Add all key bits missing (as can be seen from screenshots)
fix animation (doesnt work 100% correctly)
Everything else (been a long day and cant think at the moment)

If you guys do work on, please upload it here.

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Hey guys

have a look at the Mod that Ive started working on and let me know what you guys think

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interesting... I look forward to seeing it when you are at a release state. I used to run Alaska with XBMC 10... you might just get me back to it Smile

Are you working with Hitcher... he is planning an Alaska HD... this might be a great option for it too.

I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
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I intend to get it to a release state but it may take me a while to do so...I am no skinner and what I have done so far was by copying and pasting code into different sections to see if I got the right outcome.

I am not working with Hitcher (all credit goes to him for giving me a base to work with)...I was waiting for Alaska HD and thought in the mean time I could try something out and hopefully, Hitcher may consider adding something similar in his release...

If any of you guys know how to skin and are interested in seeing this complete then please work on it and share your results :-)
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(2012-06-14 00:54)badboy123 Wrote:  Hey guys

have a look at the Mod that Ive started working on and let me know what you guys think


Hi badboy123,

I think it looks great, and can be a great addition to Alaska once it's finished : the homescreen(s) is the only thing i don't like in Alaska.

But I think you should create a topic here wi the the prefix [MOD] instead of posting it in the WIP sins section : it's a mod, not a new new skin in developpement Wink

I hope you get some help to finish this...

My reFocus mods : reAlaska & reAlaska (Dark)
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This is a very interresting mod.

I'lm waiting for a final release in order to include your metro home screen in my alaska mod

[Image: bannirew2w.jpg]
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*threads merged
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Looks promising, looking forward to seeing more!
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Ok, definitely thumbs up for looks so far. Just had a look at the code and i can see it's already getting hard to follow.
You would become your own enemy, includes_homelist is already 2000 lines. So i really advise you to already, first start cleaning up. Switch to using includes.

Make homelists just the home items without layout (videos, movies, ect. Just a list + onclick).
Make an include tag for a layout file ( just positions, font ect).
And end with an include tag for the sub menu.
Make a new file for submenu with the items (ids) for the blocks, without layout (just a list + onclick).
And make an include for the submenu layout (just position and stuff).
In submenu layout put include tags to the file that says how the blocks look.
Make a new file that defines the 3-4 different block sizes (+image + thumb +ect) you want to use so you only have to code them 1x.
So anywhere you write <include>block1</include> it will grab that piece of code from the layout file.
Make a new file with your animations and use include tags for them as well.

For an example of home + home menu + home layout (using includes). That looks much like Alaska, have a look at reAlaska(dark).
Seriously, this is why small changes have started taking so much time. Much better to have like one file with 20 lines of code that changes the layout of all your square blocks, and you never have to open your list with home items again.
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