[Release] TheAudioDb.com Music Video Scraper

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Uploaded fixed source to GitHub with a working API key Wink


Also there is a new guide for Music Videos on the wiki as I finally got it working with the latest v17 nightlies

Music_videos (wiki)

And a video guide here

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EDIT: Think I posted in wrong section.
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(2016-08-25 17:23)zag Wrote:  Uploaded fixed source to GitHub with a working API key Wink
Thanx a lot.

I have a lot of videos that not included in any albums not released on cd or other, only as video. So i cant add it to TheAudioDb.com and i cant view it in party mode because it is not in library.
Can some one modify this scraper for adding videos to library even if it not find on TheAudioDb.com, just "artist - title" taken from filename?
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