One of the many reasons I love XBMC

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I travel occasionally for work, and hotel tv sucks. No ifs, ands, or but, it just sucks. The picture is usually crap, and the channel selection leaves a lot to be desired. I noticed at a Holiday Inn where I was staying had open HDMI ports and the ability to switch to them. So, I decided to try creating an XBMCbuntu thumbdrive, loading an external HDD full of content and using my DP to HDMI cable to see if I could run XBMCbuntu on my work laptop.

Sure enough, booting to the thumbdrive and connecting it to the hotel TV allowed me to use XBMC. I also have a USB BT dongle, so I brought along a Wii remote to allow me to control XBMC and not rely on the laptop's keyboard and/or mouse. It was fantastic, I got HD content at the hotel where TV normally is abysmal.

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Great adaptation!

I don't travel too much, but I'm going to remember this for the next time I do!

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I agree hotel TV is rubbish. i normally take my laptop or ATV1 with Crystalbuntu.
Why go the XBMCbuntu thumbdrive route instead of just using the XBMC app on the laptop OS and use an ATV or MCE remote?

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I always have my work laptop with me, and I'd rather not install any non-work software on it. As far as carrying other hardware with me, why spend money when I don't have to?
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