*READ THIS 1st BEFORE POSTING* FAQ, how to Install, troubleshooting, etc

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doug Offline
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I don't know if people read the stickies or not, but there's a section missing in this "*READ THIS 1st*" sticky that exists in the other platform stickies...the "How to post a problem in a useful way" section. Here's the linux version as an example.

So something like:


Things we want from EVERY report:
1. FULL Debug Log This is always useful even if the problem isn't actually captured as it may provide other clues and system information.
2. Version of Kodi. (e.g., version 15.2) Note - Do not say "Latest Version" as "latest" will soon be outdated.
3. Distribution and version: (e.g., Openelec 6.0, OSMC version, Xbian, Raspian)
4. What version of the Pi: (RPi 1B, RPi 1B+, RPi 2B)
5. Detailed Instructions to reproduce the Problem (The more specific the better.)
6. Details of all devices relevant to the problem.

Perhaps this can help reduce the number of RPi threads where the second post is "Provide a debug log".
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Ned Scott Offline
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Looks good to me, added.

Full disclosure: I work for WeTek. However, this is my personal account, and my words and opinion are my own.

You can make easy links to the Kodi Wiki Manual using double brackets around common Kodi words: [[debug log]] = debug log (wiki), [[Video library]] = Video library (wiki), [[SMB]] = SMB (wiki) , [[userdata]] = userdata (wiki), etc
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