Linux - HOW-TO: Automated efficient XBMC install - Ubuntu 12.10/13.04 mini based

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Haohmaru Offline
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Does is work with 14.04 too ?
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ylafont Offline
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Was wonder if anyone tried this on Wheezy for the RaspberyPi?
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rustyx Offline
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Why would someone still want to use this when there is XBMCbuntu, which is essentially the same thing (ubuntu-minimal+XBMC+sshd+smbd) but is much easier to install.
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-DDD- Online
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Maybe because there is no official 32bit XBMCBuntu?!

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squareatom Offline
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(2014-09-05 21:42)rustyx Wrote:  Why would someone still want to use this when there is XBMCbuntu, which is essentially the same thing (ubuntu-minimal+XBMC+sshd+smbd) but is much easier to install.

XBMCbuntu/KodiBuntu installs a desktop manager and uses LTS Ubuntu (currently 14.04.1 LTS IIRC). These scripts are a true "minimal" install.

"essentially the same thing" != same thing
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reddy Offline
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I managed to install Kodi with Ubuntu minimal with those scripts after a bit of tweaking. The only think I changed was basically renaming all xbmc occurrences to kodi in the original script and related ones. And since I'm not fetching the related ones from github but a subfolder - I replaced wget with simple cp.
Take a look at for details.
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cefek Offline
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Here to report success. I was able to install Kodi effortlessly on latest LTS minimal Ubuntu, 14.04 if I remember correctly. I have used modified version of the script that was attached here by some excellent developer.

The only things post-install needed were:

- apt-get remove lightdm (as lightdm started first and kodi was unable to start, it had started as soon as I killall'd lightdm so I removed it altogeher)
- apt-get remove pulseaudio (hdmi audio was not working after suspend/resume before I did that)
- apt-get remove lirc (I have an rc6 remote that I had to configure without lirc - better support; exact howto is somwehere here, with ir-keytable contents and init scripts, easy as a pie).

Other that that once in couple of reboots it does not start with proper VT (console), so I have to keyboard alt+f7/f8 to switch to Kodi console. I am planning on using the chvt command within init script to fix that. We'll see.
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