Release - tinyMediaManager - a media manager written in Java (Win/Mac/Linux)

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mlaggner Online
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29.12.2015 - Version 2.7
IMPORTANT: with the update to version 2.7 the internal database will be deleted due to
internal changes. You only need to re-import (update data sources) your movies
and TV shows

With the update to 2.7 there are massive changes under the hood of tinyMediaManager:
- moved source code management to GitHub and changed the build system to maven
- changed the internal database engine from ObjectDB to H2-MVStore + JSON
this change makes tinyMediaManager more robust and faster
- introduced a new infrastructure for scrapers which makes developing new
scrapers less complex and opens the scraper interface to other developers

+ added a basic setup wizard for new installations
+ better detection of "stacking" markers (CD1, part1, ...)
+ added support excluding folder from scan (via a file .tmmignore or tmmignore and settings)
+ rewrote all scrapers from scratch (including optimizations and bug fixes)
+ added a very special scraper for all that who have Kodi installed Wink (donator only) (
+ assign movie sets feature is now free for all (dropped donator only status)
+ added automatic trailer download at scrape (dropped donator only status for trailer download)
+ added "date added" to the columns of the movie list
+ enhanced UI language to enable country specific translations (e.g. pt_BR)
+ changed login mode to PIN auth (you may re-check your settings)
+ added media info editor (some fields from media info are now maintain able)
+ added title sortable to TV shows section
+ added displayepisode and displayseason for TV shows
+ added option to persist UI filter settings
+ added native file- and directory-open dialogs
+ updated mediainfo to 0.7.78 and generalized folder structure
+ added <streamdetails> tag for episodes
+ refactored episode chooser (search for episode is now available)
+ take the date added from the video file where possible
+ changed behavior of the _new_ state: it will now be dropped at the next update data source
the new indicator changed from the green font to an icon
+ added media source to NFO
x fixed invoking the specified media player on OSX
x included mediainfo fix for all platforms
x changed the style of notifications to be less intrusive
x changed NFO rewriting behavior to be less aggressive
x prevent setting incomplete meta data when scraping was not successful
x adding special characters to the sort title prefixes is now possible
x several fixes in the movie renamer
x reworked internal representation of artwork file names/url
(high performance boost for movie sets)
x changed bug reporting system
x reworked movie name detection
x reworked episode number detection
x enhanced detection of extras (samples, trailers, ..)
x updated all templates to our actual data model and JMTE 3.2
x tweaked "best-trailer" detection
x fixed auto complete combox
x fixed scraping episodes with DVD ordering
x fixed special character handling of sort titles
x fixed real offline startup
x fixed cleanup on artwork scraping
x fixed NFO importing issue when having multiple tags
x fixed display of "never ending" tasks
x fixed file name generation of movie/tv show export templates
x fixed finding of additional files for episodes
x fixed writing of watched state in MediaPortal NFO
x fixed/improved episode sync
x many smaller fixes and enhancements

tinyMediaManager - THE media manager of your choice - available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux
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myron Offline
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31.12.2015 Version 2.7.1
+ added episode tags to the TV show bulk editor
x fix startup problems
x fix poster & fanart sizes
x fix parsing of the year in the movie editor
x fix filter in the episode chooser
x rework "extras" detection

tinyMediaManager - THE media manager of your choice :)
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mlaggner Online
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22.01.2016 - Version 2.7.2
LINUX: We've removed the shipped mediainfo library due to massive problems between
different distributions. Please install the libmediainfo directly from
your package manager or from

+ Kodi scrapers are now configurable
+ Movie renamer preview: dropped donator-only status, now FREE FOR ALL
+ added web-dl to media sources
+ add writing of imdb id in TV show NFO
+ added $# rating movie renamer option
+ pimp scraper UI; add version s to all plugins
x some performance fixes on updating datasources
x remove bundled mediainfo for Linux (using system default)
x fix movie renamer when having access problems
x fix IMDB title fallback to TMDB
x TvShow episode parser: fix common word replacement
x rework scraper fallback logic, do not stop on plugin errors
x fix the "new" marker never being cleared in special cases
x MediaPortal NFO: parse multiple genres styles
x NTFS: renaming to same name but other cASE now works
x Movie actors: replace invalid file system characters when saving thumb
x MacOS: save database on terminating with command-q
x fixed error in movie set editor when no movies are assigned to the set
x fixed error in movie editor where sorttitle has been lost

tinyMediaManager - THE media manager of your choice - available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux
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And1.G Offline
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Is it intentional, that the TMM writes a Youtube link to the nfo, even if I downloaded a trailer?
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