[RELEASE] [MOD] AniDB.net scrapers for TV shows and Movies

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Xelloss Offline
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Well, after all I decided to store anidb id for my library to bypass the problem of the overlapping series in Kodi.

Since I always hoped for a complete support of my anime library in Kodi I took the chance to post a feature request on both Artwork Downloader and Trakt Addons topics to ask at least for a basic support of the anime-list-full.xml, so that artworks and scrobbling would be supported for our library.

Surely I don't hope for a quick solution, but I hope the issue will be adressed sooner or later.

That being said, I hope I've done nothing wrong taking the initiative. Should it be so let me know and I'll rectify my request in both threads.
Thank you.
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gates Online
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Hi Xelloss,

Just a quick suggestion :
maybe you could strore thetvdb id for you main anime folder,
and only change this setting on the folder of your problematics series.
So Artwork donwloader will be Ok, and you have just du manually manage the artwork for anime with anidb-id
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Xelloss Offline
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(2015-02-19 20:57)gates Wrote:  Hi Xelloss,

Just a quick suggestion :
maybe you could strore thetvdb id for you main anime folder,
and only change this setting on the folder of your problematics series.
So Artwork donwloader will be Ok, and you have just du manually manage the artwork for anime with anidb-id

Hi Gates, thanks for your suggestion! I thought of splitting my library in two branches, one with multi-season shows (anidb) and another with the ones without sequels or prequels (tvdb), but this would be problematic since I keep a relatively complex folder structure which take into consideration HI10 anime (for compatibility problems) and NOTHI10, then in each I have subfolders by resolution and so on. I'd have to rearrange all my library and my list (textual), and for a workaround it would be a pity.

By the way the developer of trackt answered me. He says that if I store the tvdb id trakt should be able to scrobble the right episode, as long the id stored is also the episode id and not only the show id. But this is not the case, right?
To be able to answer him and maybe solve the issue with these multi season anime, I tried a fresh install of Gotham, storing tvdb id, and all works fine here! So I did a clean install of Kodi (last build available, before it was the last stable), and the problem occurred again! Since in both cases it was a clean install I'd say it is a real bug and not just a problem on my machine, but I'm the only one experiencing it. I'm quite lost. :o
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i've been running into a number of problems since my upgrade from XBMC 13 to Kodi 14 and as such, i've begun testing a new implementation of my system in house, however, i've been running into some issues with file recognition when dealing with Anime.
I've also been performing a mass rename/organization change to my anime directories (using AniDB O'Matic) which could be leading to some issues, but as i've been pushing towards a more "uniform" convention, i'm hoping that if I solve the one problem, i'll solve the rest as well.

Running a completely fresh install of Kodi, with the AniDB mod from the OP installed and configured, I seem to only be getting episode information for a select few shows.
All of my folders are recognized without issue, but the contents seem to be hit and miss.
Most notably, i'm finding anything using the following format is not being detected.
Quote:[GroupName] Anime Title - 1 [HASH].ext -- No Leading Zero on Episode Number (Occurs when season is less than 10 episodes)
[GroupName] Anime Title - 01 [HASH].ext -- Leading Zero on Episode Number (Occurs when season is >= 10 episodes)
[GroupName] Anime Title - 1v2 [HASH].ext -- Episode Number with Revision
[GroupName] Anime Title - S1 [HASH].ext -- Specials (Episode Number appears as S1/S2/S3/S3/etc.)
[GroupName] Anime Title - S1v3 [HASH].ext -- Same as above, but with revision number.
[GroupName] Anime Title 2 - 1 [HASH].ext -- Season 2/Episode 1, additionally, will the 2 which is denoting the season number be picked up as the episode number?
[GroupName] Anime Title S2 - 1 [HASH].ext -- Variant of above, S "could" also appear as other letter(s), R for example.
[GroupName] Anime Title (YEAR) - 1 [HASH].ext -- As remasters, rereleases, or even second seasons sometimes define a year, this format can happen too.

Some filenames being recognized are:
(These filenames will not be present and will follow the above format(s) once I have completed my naming changes)
[SHS-TW] D.Gray-man - 001 [DB146C6F].avi **(which is interesting, since [SHS] D.Gray-man - 007 [FA9E073F].avi doesn't get picked up)**

I'm not much use when it comes to working around regex sorcery, so i'm having trouble figuring out exactly what or where something is going wrong, or rather, how I can tweak this to my situation.
I'm currently using the advancedsettings.xml file defined at http://kodi.wiki/view/Anime#Scanning_fil...aming_them

I am also using the regexp contained in the OP (inline prior to the end of the prepend section of the tvshowmatching)
<regexp> - ()(\d+)((?:-\d+)*)(?:v\d+)? - [^\\/]*$</regexp>
<regexp defaultseason="0"> - ()s(\d+)((?:-\d+)*)(?:v\d+)? - [^\\/]*$</regexp>

My full advancedsettings.xml can be found at http://pastebin.com/Uyyk7auY

Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


While playing around with some other expressions i've found throughout the forums, I hacked a couple together with the help of regex101.com and came up with these.
        <regexp>(?i)[-][-._ ]+S(?: ?)?(\d{1,3})[-._ ]*(?:ep?[ .]?)?(\d{0,3})(?:[_ ]?v\d+)?[-._ ]*(?:[[({][^])}]+[])}][-_ ]*)*?(?:[[({][\da-f]{8}[])}])</regexp>
        <regexp>(?i)()[-._ ]+(?:ep?[ .]?)?(\d{1,3})(?:[_ ]?v\d+)?[-._ ]*(?:[A-Za-z_ ]+)?(?:[[({][^])}]+[])}][-_ ]*)*?(?:[[({][\da-f]{8}[])}])</regexp>

As per the site, these should be able to match any of my expected filenames (as below), as well as any names not yet converted.
Quote:[GroupName] Anime Title - 1 [FF37F77E].ext
[GroupName] Anime Title - 01 [FF37F77E].ext
[GroupName] Anime Title - 1v2 [FF37F77E].ext
[GroupName] Anime Title 2 - 01 [FF37F77E].ext
[GroupName] Anime Title S2 - 01 [FF37F77E].ext
[GroupName] Anime Title R2 - 01 [FF37F77E].ext
[GroupName] Anime Title (2014) - 1 [FF37F77E].ext
[GroupName] Anime Title (2014) - 01 [FF37F77E].ext
[GroupName] Anime Title - Subtitle (2014) - 01 [FF37F77E].ext
[GroupName] Anime Title - S1 [FF37F77E].ext
[GroupName] Anime Title - S2 [FF37F77E].ext
[GroupName] Anime Title - S01 [FF37F77E].ext
[GroupName] Anime Title - S1v3 [FF37F77E].ext
[GroupName] Anime Title - S02v2 [FF37F77E].ext

[SHS-TW] D.Gray-man - 001 [DB146C6F].avi

Unfortunately though, when I put these into my advancedsettings.xml and comment out any other expressions, it doesn't appear to work at all.


Made some further modifications to my RegExps and now appear to have everything working as intended.
My "new" full advancedsettings.xml can be found here: http://pastebin.com/Jzy2vZnu

My changes/additions were...
Removal of all other RegExp, and the implementation of the following:
<tvshowmatching action="prepend">
<!-- Regular Season Episodes -->
    <regexp>(?i)[^S|C\T\d?v\d](\d{1,3})(?:[_ ]?v\d+)?[-._ ]*(?:[A-Za-z_ ]+)?(?:[[({][^])}]+[])}][-_ ]*)*?(?:[[({][\da-f]{8}[])}])</regexp>
<!-- Specials ONLY -->
    <regexp defaultseason="0">(?i)[S](\d{1,3})*(?:ep?[ .]?)?(\d{0,3})(?:[_ ]?v\d+)?[-._ ]*(?:[[({][^])}]+[])}][-_ ]*)*?(?:[[({][\da-f]{8}[])}])</regexp>

This RegExp combo allows a standardized naming convention, following the format seen above.
It also allows you to rename Trailers/OPs/EDs using AniDB's numbering system, and as per the AniDB O'Matic naming system.
(Trailers prefixed with T##, OPs/EDs prefixed with C##, and Specials prefixed with S##)

Hopefully this can help someone else out.
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dirkr Offline
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I'm new to Kodi but I'm trying to figure this out so my apologies if this is just me doing something stupid and wrong.

In my quest to add my anime to Kodi I've moved my files to a seperate folder (anime files that is) and added this folder as a new source with the anidb.net[MOD] scraper.
The show I'm currently trying to add is Fairy Tail. When I check anidb I found the one containing all 175 episodes ("season1") and used thatone in the scraper.
Now for some reason Kodi only recognizes 75 of the episodes while all the files are on my storage and there's nothing different about the last 100files compared to the first 75.

next to that I also added a folder Fairy Tail 2 (containing the "season 2") since it's considered a follow up show on anidb. For this I used the Fairy Tail 2014 entry from anidb but Kodi tells me I got no files of this show.

I've tried a few other things but just dont seem to be able to get this working..

Any hints/tips/suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong or could troubleshoot?

Fyi: I'm using the latest OpenElec build on a Raspberry PI2 (should be Kodi 14.1 Beta)

Thanks you in advance!
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