[RELEASE] [MOD] AniDB.net scrapers for TV shows and Movies

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scudlee Offline
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Should all be updated now. Thanks!

As always, clear your cache for immediate results, otherwise it could take up to 48 hours.
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TheFireKahuna Offline
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New split-cour anime season, Gate 2016


has no link atm, needs to link to 13+ from here:


Also, Tokyo Ghoul OVA's that came out here:


needs to link to here (specials 3/4)


Not sure why it needed to be split off into its own anidb entry, doesn't even have a description.
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scudlee Offline
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Updated (along with a bunch of other stuff).
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scudlee Offline
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New Features in 2.4.0 (TV) and 2.2.0 (Movies)

Genres are back! Rejoice, that one person who noticed they were missing!

This was actually quite a tricky fix, a lot of complex sorting and filtering was needed to get it into a workable state, but I'm quite pleased with the results.
I've also reset the two related settings (Minimum Genre weight and Maximum number of genres) in order to give a healthy batch of genres for each title. If you'd previously changed those settings, you will need to reapply your changes - but do test the new values first, you may like them.

I've also added a new setting regarding, ahem, "Adult" genres, namely the child tags of the pornography tag (NSFW text). Although they're primarily for hentai titles, they do occasionally crop up for shows that are on the more ecchi side of things (you know the ones I mean, I'm sure).
The new setting lets you choose when to allow these genres - "Never", "Only for 18+ Restricted Titles", or "Always". The default is "Only for 18+ Restricted Titles".
Note that "allow" is not the same as "include" - the genres are still subject to the same weight limits and cut-offs as all the rest. They might not appear even if present.

Do let me know if you see anything that is not remotely a genre (adult or otherwise). If I agree, I'll add it to the filters. Similarly, if you see one genre that is redundant to another also present, that can be filtered. However I won't accept filtering classic genres like "Comedy" for more specific sub-genres like "Parody" or "Slapstick".

There were also a couple of minor fixes to plot handling (at the show/movie level, not episode plots). An old bug, where a show with without a description would occasionally use the description of one of its tags instead, had reappeared - if you have the second season of Is the Order a Rabbit??, you can see the bug in action. This has been permanently fixed.
I've also expanded the filtering of those "Source: Foo" lines, previously only specific sources were filtered, now there's a blanket removal for any name. Let me know if this negatively affects any show.
(I'm currently on the fence about removing those "Note: the first episode aired blah blah" lines also.)

The pre-Gotham warning is also in full effect. Genres and plots will now no longer appear for anyone using a version lower than 13.0, because of these changes.
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Vaneska Offline
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Great News! Thank you for fixing/adding new Features to the Scraper.

I have a question or maybe a suggestion. There are more and more of those Split-Season-Animes (Durarara!!x2, Aldnoah.Zero, Seraph of the End, etc. ), who are split on AniDB and together as one Season on TVDB.

For the sake of simplicity and folders Smile i would really like to use the TVDB order, i.e. get them together in one Season. Would it be possible to add such a feature? Sorry if this has already been discussed.

If i understand this correctly, the "Store TVDB-ID" is working like this, just the other way around?
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