Windows - HOW TO - Solve audio problems + video stutter (audio induced)

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Alcarimon Offline
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(2015-06-10 12:06)Alcarimon Wrote:  Hi,

I've a big problem: when i watch films, ramdom once, video frames and sometimes also audio, are not fluid as jerks. I tried to see film with VLC player and problems disappeard.
So i think that's the problem is KODI.
I also tried to change kodi and tv settings but nothing is changed.
I tried to change kodi version and also with 15 beta 1 nothing is changed

My HTPC: i5 - 4gb Ram ddr3 - Gforce 750 - Tv LG 65UB950V

Please someone can halp me!?? Ideas?


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provide a debug log (wiki)
tell us how your set is connected etc.

and please give people some time to react,
you don't need to bump it in less then a hour

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Alcarimon Offline
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(2015-06-10 13:07)TRaSH Wrote:  provide a debug log (wiki)
tell us how your set is connected etc.

and please give people some time to react,
you don't need to bump it in less then a hour

Ok tks!!!
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mprother Offline
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Hi I am having an issue with a BluRay ISO file that has no audio and the video is stuttering. When I display the info of the file it toggles between Dolby trueHD 7.1 and DTS 5.1. Other MKV files with HD audio work fine.

PC is a HP Stream mini 200-010 running windows 8.1 stock with 4GB of RAM.

here is my log file:

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coltonc18 Offline
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Hello all,

I was running Gotham without any issues, but then upgraded to Kodi, and there is a freezing issue going on. I have all my movie files on the computer, and now when I am playing them there is a random freeze every now and then. The system won't crash or anything like I read some people were experiencing, it's just a slight freeze in video playback. Audio will continue on with no problems, and then it just catches back up after the freeze. I'm talking like a second or 2 freeze here, but this just started with the Kodi upgrade.

Here is a new log from a fresh install today. Everything is done correctly, per the wiki, as far as the audio setup,

I do have an individual post going on this as well, just trying to get new eyes on this to try to figure out and correct the issue.

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chubz Offline
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I've been through some of the pages here and other topics regarding a stuttering issue I'm having.

I was on older xbmc (guess it was Frodo). After some unrelated driver update I've had a really bad problem with my playback dropping to under 10 fps and audio was out of sync completely so I dug around, updated to latest build of kodi, tried to switch up my drivers, updated realteks only to find out that it was something related to Intels SSD software that affected my whole computer down to grub2 as a boot loader.

After I have fixed the constantly low fps I've got one problem that is still present. After I play local file or a stream, youtube or anything after a while the playback drops from 24 to 9.9. fps and image stutters just briefly. I've tried a few things but I do not understand what could cause this so I'm giving you a pastebin log catching this as well as my settings currently regarding video and audio. (my audio setup has an integrated audio from realtek through which I run headphones and microphone and it is my default device while Kodi is running on Asus Xonar which is connected to an external amp and speakers so no hdmi and both checkboxes for taking over are checked.)

I've got to say that I've been using xbmc and now kodi for quite a while and got most of my friend to start using it and I'd really like to continue enjoying this great ppiece of software you guys are making.

Any help would be appreciated.


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king_ben Offline
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(2012-12-02 14:54)jjd-uk Wrote:  i. AVR issue (HDMI only)

Modern AVR with HDMI will usually support CEC (different manufactures have their own names for this) and the option to pass audio onto the HDMI out of the AVR, both of these can cause issues if enabled. If the of Sound - Playback devices in Windows reports the AVR then this should generally be ok, if however it reports the name of the TV then this is indication that something is not right.

Make sure all configuration is done with the AVR on and connected to the PC in order for Windows to properly detect the AVR, if you're not sure on the order things were powered up then reboot Windows while leaving Windows.


For Yamaha:

HDMI Control - Off
Audio Output - AMP

I have a Yamaha RX-V477/HTR-4067 and exactly this issue: In Window's "Playback Devices" list I normally only find the Philips FTV. The AVR seems to act transparently and pass on the TV's data.

[Image: 20151008_playback_devy7uhh.jpg]

Fortunately, I can bitstream DD+ via the Windows 10 Netflix app, but I cannot send 5.1 PCM to the AVR. Well, I could for the two times the AVR inexplicably appeared as a Playback Device. But normally, I just get this:

[Image: 20151008_test_sound_pizu39.jpg]

It is driving me crazy. I have the newest Intel HD Graphics driver installed on my Pipo X7S. I tried the receiver settings from the original post and some others I found online - to no avail. I tried a different HDMI port on the AVR and the TV (one without ARC). Nothing. I switched sound in AVR to AVR, not TV. I switched off sound in the TV. Toggled the CIC options in the TV. For the love of it, I cannot figure out how to have the AVR properly detected in the playback devices list. Any other ideas? Anybody got experience with the Yamaha RX-V477/HTR-4067?
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