[Release]PHIM47.COM (Vietnamese) Video On Demand

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dknlght Offline
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(2014-10-21 17:50)vvd214 Wrote:  I usually use hayhaytv addon to watch film. But some series movies missing subtitle.i can turn subtitle on when i watch via chrome. Can you fix this addon to turn on subtitle vietnamese subs when whaching movies.thanks

Are you referring to hayhaytv addon or phim47? Hayhaytv is not my addon I don't have control over it

though donation is not necessary but just in case you want to: Donate Here
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vvd214 Offline
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hmm, I use hayhaytv made by thongld , I will try to contact to him, I also try your addon, It great but prefer hayhaytv and zingtv because of its quality film or can you make addon of hayhaytv or zingtv. thank you anyway
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Ganbat Offline
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How to get url/links like this? (from picasa) PLS REPLY ASAP.


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vietprince187 Offline
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can i get these add on url?
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odin0706 Offline
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(2014-05-27 04:51)dknlght Wrote:  
(2014-05-27 04:43)hahoangtuyen Wrote:  http://www.hayhaytv.vn/

Well I can't promise anything since I only have time to fix addons at the moment instead of creating new ones. But in case anyone is interested below is the repo for the TV THONG MINH box. the Repo includes these addons

their version of HDonline
Phim ClipVN
VietTV24 (this was requested a lot)
VIP Playlists
Zing TV.


how to use this addon on Raspberry pi 2 device and OS Openelec? I can install it but not load content of any site (hayhaytv, xixam, zingtv....) This scrips error.

Please help me. I'm from Vietnam Smile Thank you so much.
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taotay1988 Offline
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I just made one website , you see how ? http://hayphim.tv/
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contentryder Offline
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Am now getting error "Can't connect to site, Try again in a moment" http://phimsot.com/phim-ts-q6p1/

Update please?
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taotay1988 Offline
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thanks for your comments on my film website
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