$LOCALIZE doesn't work in skin

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raspi177 Offline
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Skin-file script-...-main.xml of a program should interpret $LOCALIZE[32001] in button <label> tag or like in the example below just <label>32001</label>. It does use localized names of properties in settings window (not included in example below), but not in skin-xml. I dont know why?

here is my addon, mini version: 5 files

the code:

Result is, The button is displayed but without caption.
Log (last lines until window is displayed) has no error and such..:


Xbmc is version 11, from the Ubuntu repo. Is it a silly error? Any ideas?
Ahoi, raspii177
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Nuka1195 Offline
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Use $ADDON[addonId 32001]

For python coding questions first see http://mirrors.xbmc.org/docs/python-docs/
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raspi177 Offline
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Hey cool! It works. I used

<label>$ADDON[script.web.wanderlust177 32001]</label>

and it displays Trains. super. All I need. I've xbmc version 12 beta 2 now, by the way.
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cebik Offline
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But why LOCALIZE doesn't working?
I need that methode because skin is for example for ADDONExample1 and ADDONExample2
I have also problem with variables in skin I think those are similar problem

Maybe this casue problem?

class myNewWindow(xbmcgui.WindowXML):
    def __new__(cls):
        return super(mTVGuide, cls).__new__(cls, 'script-main.xml', ADDON.getAddonInfo('path'), ADDON.getSetting('Skin'), "720p")
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