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(2015-05-03 18:50)mihawk90 Wrote:  Mh... It seemed to be working for the first few songs but I could be wrong (display doesn't always update immediately) since it doesn't work now.

Just for testing I disabled local files and scrapers and it doesn't show on the ALAC files, it works on MP3s and FLACs then though.

Also I moved my LRC folder (so it's empty basically), but when it downloads LRCs from scrapers, it shows "File" as source instead of the actual source (I don't really care about that but there might be people that do).

to test, disable all the options on the 'scrapers' page of the addon settings, except for 'embedded lyrics'.
it works fine for me with the file you gave me. if you have files that still have problems, send me another link ;-)

(2015-05-03 18:50)mihawk90 Wrote:  As a side note, is there a way to force the display of embedded lyrics, but still download LRCs?
nope, that isn't possible.
(2015-05-03 18:50)mihawk90 Wrote:  PS: Is it normal that when I disable local files it still downloads lyrics from scrapers? Big Grin
sure, local files means check for previously downloaded lyrics.
if those are not found (or disabled) it will search for lyrics online using the various scrapers.

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Any way to use this plugin whit tunein plugin? The radio shows track name and title like this way.

RadioName - Artist - Title

But plugin fails because it search the whole line. Is there some way to exlude RadioName from the lyrics search? maybe some option where can add words ignore words ?

any hints? :/
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