Mac OS X - Since Frodo b2 Playback stutter after 1 hour, 2 minutes and 8 seconds

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I used to have the same issue 1-2 months back when using nighlies. Right after 45 min (always just after 45 min) into a movie it started to stutter badly, I posted in the forums to see if someone else where seeing this but got only a lukewarm respose. The only way to solve it was to stop the movie and then restart it (just paus etc didn't work)(restart xbmc wasn't nececery). It was like this with all my movies (x264).

At first I thought it was some kind of wierd powersavingsfunction (power down harddrives etc after 45 min), but no. No such thing in xbmc and in OSX all the powersavings settings where off, VLC and Eden didn't show any behaviour like this.

However, since I like new stuff I have tested new nighlies every other week, and its only with some of the builds I experience this problem. Right now, I'm on Frodo RC2 and have no problems. So sorry, I can't provied any new info in this matter, only to add that I too have had the problem.

MBPr with ML 1.8.2

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Here is my setup:

1: bd folder format ( anydvdhd and clownbd)
2. New macmini (2012 base model fully updated)
3. Macmini via HDMI to a Denon receiver
4. Denon receiver va HDMI to TV

If there is a setting I need to change let me know. I just turned on logging and will post when it happens again.
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I have the same issue on my Mac mini (mid 2010 model) - fresh install of Mountain Lion, no additional software installed.

I first noticed the problem in one of the later betas (it was happening after ~47 minutes). With the latest release candidates it's been happening consistently at 1h2m8s.

I tried the framerate suggestion from earlier in the thread but it didn't work for me, however turning off the hardware acceleration did let me play something 2+ hours long without a problem...will do some more testing with the latest RC and report back if I find anything out.
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I am having this issue on my 2010 13" Macbook Pro running Mountain Lion. The slowdown now is at 2 hours 4 minutes plus about 20 seconds. This is both with RC3 and the January 5th nightly build, both 64 bit. With prior Frodo RC versions the slowdown was at just over 1 hour.
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Same thing here....starts to go slow about 40min after playing a movie. 1st I thought its because i stream videos online (crappy internet)... than i tryed movies on local hdd... same thing.

This started already with 12_RC1.. had the same with RC2... and again after upgrade on RC3. Everything was fine with version 11 (eden)

Firstly i just upgraded (overwrite earlier version with all settings untouched)... now at RC3 i completely erased XBMC... even the stuff in Library (plugins, skin, settings)... first with zap-it then manually whatever i found on the whole system with the word xbmc and did a clean install... same thing.

I also had EXIT crashes.. but it was already mentioned on this forum.... freezes on exit... but as i figured out this was because of the skin Aeon Nox..if you don't erase the stuff in library the skin will also upgrade and RC2 and RC3 will freeze on exit... also teamviewer and vnc stops working after this one freezes so i have to SSH to mac and terminate xbmc and restart to be able to remote on my mac.

And "sometimes" it has its short moments with audio... if going thru menus it cracks or sends a short ssshhhh voice, just to scare me here and then... but audio normally works on play( those first 40min...after that there is no audio in the played content...menus works audio and also if i exit the movie and run it again...but this was also mentioned)

I tryed 2x/4x/8x /... forward.... it works normally but when i hit play it goes again super slow (does 2min movie in 15min real time... i didn't check the frame rate)... once i tryed rewind backward (acctually this happened not only once)... but it just forwarded... .. after playing with rewind on different speeds and forward in some cases it crashes to desktop

Has anybody checked if osx software updates might have sth to do with it?

my stuff:
mac mini x86 (2011)
osx 10.7.5
HK avr 365
i run HDMI from mac mini2 receiver and from receiver2 LED TV
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I've updated to RC3 version and again same problems I'm thinking to go backwards and use again Eden version and I will forget frodo version until they solve this issue
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For me after rc2 Frodo,i disable hardware decoding and all problems solved.
Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and mac mini base model 2012.
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I'm not sure what to say. I try to replicate the issue but nothing happens. I've even played back movies I knew for sure were using hardware decoding. Everyone having this issue, please provide debug logs (wiki) and as much information about your setups/computers as you can. We're basically looking for any kind of hint or lead at this point.

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Modelnaam: Mac mini
Modelaanduiding: Macmini5,2
Processornaam: Intel Core i5
Processorsnelheid: 2,5 GHz
Aantal processors: 1
Totale aantal cores: 2
L2-cache (per core): 256 KB
L3-cache: 3 MB
Geheugen: 16 GB
Opstart-ROM-versie: MM51.0077.B10
SMC-versie (systeem): 1.75f0
Mountain Lion 10.8.2

I use HDMI output to TV, then from TV to Denon receiver
speaker config 2.0
Audio output device is HDMI
DD and DTS capable
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I have the exact same problem, glad to see I'm not the only one.

Every ~1 hour or so, video playback slows down (like slow-motion) and audio stops.

If I stop and start playback it works fine again.

It has been happening ever since I started using Frodo.

Mac Mini model: MacMini5,2

OS X 10.8.2

XBMC (12.0-RC3 Git:20130105-bdf8842)

Video and audio through HDMI.

I see this line in the log, when the slow down happens:
timeout adding data to renderer

xbmc debug log:
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Where's the log?

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Here is the debug log, I have update my original post too, on page 4:
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Any ideas on the slowdown, when looking at my debug log?

It's a very strange bug indeed, I was watching a movie yesterday, and the first slowdown happened at 1 hour and 2 minutes. I stopped and resumed the movie, and the next slowdown happenend at 2 hours and 4 minutes(!?).
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I can confirm turning hardware acceleration off does not work... same issue... have been testing it (on/off) now for 2 days... 10 movies. I will make a log asap.
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are you all running ML 10.8.2 ?

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