[RELEASE] Viki.com Video Add-on - Asian Drama MOVIES & TV Shows

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dknlght Offline
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(2015-11-22 11:35)machthree Wrote:  
(2015-11-13 21:20)sviet2k Wrote:  
(2015-11-13 21:03)scott967 Wrote:  Your link leads to a default.py for plugin.video.phim3s

scott s.

Thanks to let me know my error. Sorry about this.
Here is the correct link:

I've made another small patch to your patch to try and more gracefully handle 401 (not authorized) errors when trying to build the list of different resolution streams for an episode. It now silently logs a message shows a blank list rather than crashing and flashing an error message to the screen. There are probably much better ways of handling this (e.g. not showing episodes or even programs which would generate a 401 error) in the search feature.


ok I did a few checks and so far everything I click worked so I pushed your patch to everyone

though donation is not necessary but just in case you want to: Donate Here
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steve_tiger_03 Offline
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I still unable to see the video, it came back with error (version 1.1.36). I'm using tictid box.
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Hey guys. I have upgraded my Kodi version to Jarvis RC 1 and I am having problems with subtitles not appearing as soon as the video plays. Is anyone having this problem? Please help. Thanks.
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