Hybrid Development Versions

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Post: #106
As an extra to the last post those variables typehackflagging, AudioCodecFlag ...(?) appear briefly on the startup screen.

Managed to stop by adding <visible>!IsEmpty(Player.title)</visible> to VideoFullScreen for <!-- Intro infos --> & <!-- media infos -->

Also when you stop a paused movie the 'movie name year' (VideoNowPlaying) flicks to the movie name briefly.
Stopped by changing the last statement for VideoNowPlaying to <value condition="!IsEmpty(VideoPlayer.Title)">$INFO[Player.Title]</value>
Did this for all of the video variables VideoPlayerAudioCodecFlag and others I added like resolution

But I am just playing around, so do not really know what I am doing Smile.
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I don't really have any particular request as i found that hybrid is as close to perfect as a skin can be (at least for me and my family that is) i have it running on 4 different xbmc machines throughout the house in a mix of openelec and windows boxes i found it the perfect one for my mother to use (She lives in an attached apartment on the side of house) and it works well for her because of the custom menu items i can program all the shortcuts and favourites she needs so i don't have to keep going over there and showing her where each thing is they are all on the front main menu Smile

anyways haven't seen a update in a while and was curious if all is well and if there is any future updates going to be released i certainly hope so i really dont want to have to retrain a house full of non-techy's how to use a new skin Smile not even going to attempt to try kodi 14 till i know this is compatible.
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For TV Series, when Hide Watched is toggled, the main header label may not show the correct total.

Episodes: 6 (1 Watched - 6 Unwatched)

Changed Includes line 319 $INFO[ListItem.Property(episode)] to $INFO[ListItem.Property(TotalEpisodes)]

there is also an extra space after the "-"
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Love this skin.

Only thing i could not find. When i play music i get the CDWall function. Nice one but sometimes to much when you are having guests and play music. Every time you keep watching the TV.
Is there an option the disable it and have 1 nice background picture to use. Is do still want to see the artist and number info.

Also while playing music and go back to the home screen i get al kind of pictures of the artist. Is it also possible the get this in stet of the CDWall.
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Tried it. Vertical taken off. I can't be bothered with horizontal's:

* overshooting menu scroll
* and scrolling back to right area
* hunting of hotspots on menu items
* and missing it before repeating the loop

Once you go vertical there's no going back to the misery of horizontal's mad game of hunting the right scroll area then the hotspot, not for me.

The OP link not working as of now, it's here:

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Post: #111
If you have small remotes, generic or Android etc., or tired of chasing horizontal menu's hotspots, try this:


Works great with Kodi, once you fix the keyboard.
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flhthemi Offline
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I have been playing with the Hybrid Dev skin and Helix 14rc. This is what I've done to make the skin work for me so far....

Please keep in mind I am not writing code...I'm using .xml files from the stock Kodi Confluence skin to make this one work. This may not be a good thing to do as I have no idea what problems could arise from doing this. SO BE WARNED THIS COULD MESS UP YOUR INSTALL OF KODI Helix!

Using the windows platform the stock Kodi Helix Skin (Confluence) is located here:

Program Files\Kodi\addons\skin.confluence

Within folder
"skin.confluence" there is a folder "720". It contains a lot of .xml files for the skin.

I installed Hybrid Dev skin from here:

https://github.com/Mudislander/skin.hybrid.dev you will get a file that is in .zip format (skin.hybrid.dev-master.zip)

Open the zip file and extract the folder inside (skin.hybrid.dev-master) to your desktop or a location you can find it.

Rename From:skin.hybrid.dev-master TO: skin.hybrid.dev

Cut and paste or copy this folder into Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons

Now you need to get three addons to meet the skins dependencies:

1) script.favourites - Helper Add-ons (AKA - Favourites Script)
2) service.skin.widgets _ Services (AKA - Skin Widgets)
3) script.randomandlastitems - Helper Add-ons

These can all be obtained via Kodi Addons Browser from Kodi Add-on Repository

Once these are installed I'm pretty sure you can switch the skin to Hybrid Dev but you'll have trouble with the keybaord and trouble selecting a source type (Movie, TV Show or Music Video) when you try to add a source or edit one.

1) Exit Helix
2) Open the Hybrid Dev 720 skin folder and rename two files
a. FROM: DialogContentSettings.xml TO: DialogContentSettings.old
b. FROM: DialogKeyboard.xml TO: DialogKeyboard.old
3) Copy from the Confluence 720 folder to the Hybrid Dev 720 folder
4) Start Helix and test!

So that's what I have...might not be a good thing to do but it's working.

I'm stuck with one other problem if someone can help. The File Manger.... Adding a Source works up to the point of selecting a source. After it is selected and you click OK you go back to the File Manager and all looks good execpt the name of the source can not be edited. If you try to edit the name it vanishes and the OK button no longer works, gets grayed out. If you do not edit the source name and click OK you're fine....
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