MySQL vs UPnP sharing

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WayneFlix Offline
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You can use symlinks without mapping a network share...

mklink /d target \\machinename\path\

At least under Windows. Don't know anything about Linux.
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Wintersdark Offline
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Well, I'll be damned. I've tried that a few times in the past, and it's never worked for me. Not sure what I was doing wrong, but it's worked fine now.

Awesome, thanks. That'll be a much smoother way to run things in the future, rather than having to maintain multiple different XBMC installations. An SQL library isn't that hard to set up, but all the other settings and whatnot can be a bit of a pain, particularly if you decide to change your setup. This would allow changes to be made once and automagically apply everywhere - or, everywhere you want them to apply, at least. Brilliant.
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gibxxi Offline
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The only downside to the mklink method will be that the overall speed of your XBMC UI will be totally dependent on the speed of your network, on the machines your using. If it's a wired Ethernet link from XBMC to NAS you may not notice much difference, the same cannot be said for the much higher latency Wireless connections. Having MySQL on a remote network server (NAS) slows down scraping for me, but as the only thing that's remotely accessed aside from the Db is the media itself, things like fanart and add-ons are fully responsive, and slowdowns/lag/micro-pauses are kept to a minimum. YMMV.

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mrgenie Offline
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if anyone still interested. I have a few scripts that do everything automatic if you adept it to your network.

But my advise:"use mezzmo!"

I'm so happy since I found mezzmo. Al database/video/picture/audio/tv-show/movie everything maintained automatically by 1 single program.

supports kodi and xbmc extensions as well as nfo and everything.

and the beauty of it. I buy 3 new DVD.. then handbrake them to my needs (as I don't want to keep dvd's I just put them on my PC and the DVD lands in the garbage as it's forbidden to resell them
because I don't delete the movies I buy. I just want them on my hdd and private backup is allowed in my country"

anyway, I just handbrake them and the script I'm using (written myself) adds and copies automatically to the server where mezzmo automatically detects them and make them public in my private network for
phones, tvs, computers, xbox, ipad, and just everywhere automatically and kodi fully supports it!

no need for your own database management.

I do use XBM companion as scraper as the autoscrapers sometimes can't handle the names (i collect movies from all over the world, not just hollywood.. french, korean, russian, you name it!)
and auto scrapers can't handle the multi-language properly . so that's the only thing I still do manual.
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