Skin Mod Etiquette

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guitardood Offline
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I've got a question regarding using a skin as a base and creating a mod.

I've made a bunch of mods to the base pm3-hd (thanks jezz_x for an awesome skin) skin and am wondering what the etiquette is as far as sharing this modded version. Are skins copy-lefted like the rest of XBMC's code?

I really think the changes/additions I've made would be appreciated by everyone, but especially for the folks running XBMC on ATV2 (along with the custom keymap and Logitech/Harmony remote programming mods), but don't want to step on anyone's toes.

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It's fine you can share it if you want the only real issues is mods tend too find it hard getting into the official repo too save confusing people work multiple copies of the one skin.
But on the forum here is fine
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