Multi Lanugage Movie Database

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Hi All,

I've searched all over for a way to do this but so far I can't seem to find an easier way, so let me explain what I'm after and anyone with a bright idea please respond.

I have two profiles set up on XBMC. One is called Spanish the other English. Spanish profile is all in Spanish , English profile is all in English. I have a number of films ripped all in mkv. Some have Spanish audio tracks only, some have English, some have a mix. What I want is for the Media scanner to only add the movie to the profile database if it has an audio track in that language.

The only thing I can think of so far is to write a script that will read the metadata tags from a ripping folder (RIP) and move the file to a folder for each language (SPA) (ENG) (MULTI) then only add these paths to the Media for each profile.. just seems to be a bit long winded.

However for MULTI I'm think I'm totally reliant on the scrapper finding the details for each language profile as I don't think I can specify multilingual tags in NFOs i.e synopsis in both languages.

Anything more obvious I'm missing ?

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It might be easier to just use one profile and then use smart playlists to make Spanish and English specific lists, and then the general "Movies" option be your mixed list. Some skins even have options to make custom home items point directly to smart playlists.
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