Mac OSX: Fanart "lost" when upgrading to Frodo RC3

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XBMC debug log:

This happened with RC2 as well as RC3. When I upgrade from Eden to Frodo, I see disc cover art for movies, but the fanart is gone.

The odd thing is, if I go to Movie Information then "Refresh", it will say local information is found, replace? If I say NO, that brings back my fanart.

I also observed that I "lost" fanart in Frodo RC2, but I downgraded to Eden (due to unrelated stability issues), all my fanart came back.

Has something changed with Frodo as to how fanart works now?

If this is expected (when upgrading from Eden to Frodo), what's the quickest way of bringing back all my fanarts? I have hundreds.

Also, my two ATV's, they're still running Eden, and shows fanarts for all movies fine, so I think something became misconfigured when I upgraded from Eden to Frodo on MBP.

As said previously, if I go to "Movie Information" on a movie, hit "Refresh", then cancel out (ie: don't let it overwrite locally found files, etc), then the fanart reappears only for that movie. Not sure what's going on.

Thanks in advance.
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Probably because you're still using path substitution for your thumbs in a MySQL set up (should still work in theory, but isn't something we test against). Check out the "upgrading to v12" page on the wiki guide: MySQL (wiki).
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