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I'm having a similar problem to that described on my previous post. Running plugin screensaver on a gbox midnight mx2 in combination with the flickr plugin. Symptoms: now instead of pictures I just get the "loading images" text indefinitely - its been like this for probably greater than one month. However, this time there is no problem accessing the settings. The flickr plugin still works well on the same system. I've uninstalled both plugins and updated to the latest versions accessible to my machine. What next?

Love this plugin, it is the standard display on the monitor in my living room.
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So far I love the plugin, easy to use, and setup, and looks great on the little 19" tv I have my 1st gen pi hooked up to, but thought I'd see if I could provide any valuable input or feature requestsSmile

Any chance of making the Plugin slideshow work similar to the screensaver slideshow where the "background" over which the image pans and zooms is a larger version of the image but kind of lower in brightness? It's pretty nice in the fact it does something with the "black bars" that show up over and side to side of the photos.

Also, not sure if this is an issue with the plugin, or drop box, but it doesn't seem to work with multiple folders of images. I'm guessing it's the dropbox plugin? but also seems like this plugin could be reading deeper as the drop box plugin has support to read those folders. Currently I have to take everything and put them in one single folder if I want it to display the images. Not a great solution when working with large volumes of images.

Some enhancements like this would make it even more awesome tooSmile I especially like being able to overlay the weather and time, but not a big fan of having it hosted on someone's website, who may or may not take things down at some point, and all of these feature already seem to be built into Kodi.

Just saw the post about github feature requests, will see what I can do!

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