Add Lyrics Widget always shown in Now Playing" setting?

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ncnoman Offline
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I am not one of those people who only sometimes listens to the words.... actually I think the lyric plugins give real life to the XBMC music features.... IS THERE ANY WAY TO SET THEM TO ALWAYS BE DEFAULT ON?

This has been requested once here (last post):

I see that in another thread many are also requesting that there be a key mapped by default to control the lyric window...

Since the lyric wikis and scripts are a lot more handy lately isn't it about time to permanently make this part of the XBMC UI?
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SlickMachine Offline
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Add me to that list. Only reason I don't care to install is exactly that: No window in "now playing" window, which is what I prefer to display.
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blubserl Offline
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I'm new to xbmc, but this is also one of the first things i noticed to be a little bit unhandy at the moment. so i would also like to support this request Smile
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robby1337 Offline
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same here. I found it today, on by default would be great!
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malibbug Offline
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Should be great.
Alternativelly, the lyrics window could be permanent between songs.
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DarkHelmet Offline
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Add me to the list. Having lyrics always would be sweet indeed.
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IamSGC Offline
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Me also. I enjoy this feature a lot. Although I found a few that it messed up on including old-school Journey. LOL! still I love it!
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ronie Offline
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