[Release] Picture Slideshow Screensaver

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(2015-07-14 09:41)jimix Wrote:  Hi !

I'm using this addon since a long time and love it but just wonder how we could schedule the refresh of the index via crontab or any other method..
My picture directory is constantly changing as it is my onedrive camera roll folder so at the moment my best option is to rebuild the index manually every two days or so ....
Sure it's been asked many times already though but really wish this option could be implemented..really really really ;-)


and since it's been asked that many times i've added it a few months ago ;-)
the screensaver will now rebuilt it's index every 30 minutes when it is running.

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Is it possible to move the music info to the bottom-left? Or even better, to prevent burn-in, have it change corners in X amount of time.
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