HOW-TO setup streaming internet video/audio

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Hi can anyone help me i'm new to coding Smile doe's anyone have example xml with how to add p2p streams i want to add them to my playlist in LIveStream addon like i say i'm new to coding so could really do with example layout xml thanks hope this makes sense to the group.
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Hello everyboyd.

I am using strm file in kodi to watch a stream web cam that is published in my LAN. I use one rasberry where is allocated the webcam, and other where is allocated Kodi.
STRM show me webcam but is not continous video (I set 3 frames per sec). In other any web browser (in PC) works fine, but kodi seems that images are stored in some buffer and after some minutes is reproduced quickly, not 3 frames per sec...It seems it is related with some buffer configuraiton or some overload...But top command in shell reports 0.4...

Any idea?

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