OpenELEC choppy playback with recorded TV

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I have a Revo R3700 (NVidia ION2 GPU) with OpenELEC 2.99.2 64-bit on the HDD and a KWorld UB499-2T twin tuner and am using tvheadend, Tvheadend HTSP Client and hdhomerun. Standard definition recorded TV playback is intermittently very choppy & pixellated and occasionally causes XBMC to crash & restart. If I rewind & replay a recording the pixellation & stuttering usually happens at the same point in the video. MP4 files from my NAS generally play OK but occasionally freeze.

I have reformatted the STORAGE partition but the fault remains. Are there any video settings I could fiddle about with?

I also came across a few posts that indicated that there was a problem with OpenELEC and ION2 GPUs - does anyone know anything about this?

I posted this on the HTS TVHeadend subforum a few days ago but didn't get any replies & wondered if it was the correct subforum.

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debug log (wiki) (how many times does this have to be repeated and repeated. The very obvious sticky in this forum:

Read it. Post the required info. Until you do so, do not pass go, do not collect help Smile

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