Mythtv Schedules Direct and xbmc

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cappiel Offline
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In the process of setting up a hdhomerun prime through mythtv for use in xbmc.

Do I still need to setup the schedules direct (including account) channel listing within mythtv even if i'm just using xbmc as the frontend?

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I dont know about the hdhomerun prime, but I had to setup schedules direct because I'm using an HD-PVR (USB tuner with ir blaster to control my Bell TV Satellite Receiver) and that USB card cant give me a channel listing, or tell me whats on each channel. So i had to use an external source from schedules direct to get a channel listing.

So if you can get that from the tuner you use, you shouldn't need schedules direct. If you cant, then you should sign up for it.


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djroketboy Offline
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Unless you have another way to get guide data, I would say yes. They offer a great service and is worth it.
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