[RELEASE] Steam Launcher - Start Steam Big Picture Mode from within Kodi

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(2015-06-20 04:18)teeedubb Wrote:  You can use whats in this article to disable the screensaver/screen blankng. On my system the bits in xorg.conf are enough.

Thanks T, when I grow up I want to be like you.
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when I start steam through the launcher I get some kind of first run wizard in bpm. I'm stuck there at network configuration since steam doesn't let me click on finish but I also can't change anything network related. All it does is show me that it has found a wired connection. I've read that the way to go is to start steam in normal mode, log in and then restart in bpm but as far as I can tell this is not supported by the launcher, right?

I'm using kodibuntu with Kodi 14.2

Any suggestions?



Nevermind I just removed my network settings from interfaces and let kodibuntu get a dhcp address and now it's working.
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(2015-06-16 13:23)frankfurts Wrote:  hey guys tried this on kodibuntu and works fine but when I launch steam it keeps automatically going to suspend/sleep mode even when using my wired xbox 360 controller. settings in kodi for power management are all set to off.

Any idea how i can maybe disable it completely using the terminal? It's an intel NUC so power usage isn't an issue for me.


sorry for the late reply guys but keeping kodi running in the background solved it for me, I set all power save modes on kodi to off and left it in the background all good now.
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