HOW-TO:Share libraries using MySQL: Wiki Edition

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bad_vlad Offline
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Hi all, I could use some help. I am using mariadb on a Sinology 1511+. I have it all running fine with one issue,

I have 2 fresh kodi installs on 2 different units, so after I setup my DB I add my sources to install #1 and let it populate the DB using loacl information. Everything goes fine and it finds all 3000 of my movies.
So I go to instal #2 and add my advanced setting and sources. My sources connect via NFS. Everything works fine except when I do a library update and it starts adding all my movies over again as duplicates. Please if anyone has any ideas!
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TRaSH Offline
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Do you use the same paths on both machine

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bad_vlad Offline
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yes same paths like this -> nfs:
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Milhouse Offline
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a) You don't need to run an update on #2, but doing so obviously shouldn't create duplicates (it shouldn't have added anything)

b) If a scan creates duplicates, it's because the paths used by the second scan are different to the first. Look at both paths for a single movie that has been duplicated and spot the difference.

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MrLobster Offline
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So when is the MySQL options going to be in Kodi itself? Or has someone already done an addon for it?
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flhthemi Offline
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I would really like to figure out profiles. I want a kids profile to seperate all the Ice Princess type stuff from my regular database in mysql. I tried a profile with its own advancedsettings file that was just a blank file other than



Worked fine. So I figured now I'll create a database in mysql named "kids_video" . Then added the needed mysql lines to advancedsettings file mentioned above in kids profile. Ran a library update and ended up seeing the movies in my regular library too. Also mysql created "kids_video90". I did include the <name> in advancedsettings. I guess kodi added the 90 in mysql. So I dumped the profile and cleared the database and gave up. All is back to normal with just the master profile and me with a sad face ?
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Vaseer Offline
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I would also like figure this out. I would like to have 6 profiles for 6 different users on 10-15 devices, so everyone can keep track of their watched movies.

I am using unRAID as my server and KODI-Headless docker from sparklyballs.
Default profile is working, but I need to set up 5 more.

Is this even possible? So that I will knot, if I shall keep trying or not...
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