Android - BobDroid - Control boblight from Android (Now on Play)

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kiesel Offline
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Post: #151
thats exactly what I meant, thanks!
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DoubleT Offline
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Post: #152
Has anyone tried using this app with Tasker on Android?
A list of intents similar to this list from Yatse would open up all sorts of possibilities.

I know im not using Bobdroid for its intended purpose, but its perfect for controlling sets of WS2801 Pixels connected up to Arduinos

Feature request from me would be, how difficult would it be for the app to support multiple boblight servers?

Thanks as always for a great app!
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DerFlob Offline
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Post: #153

can you provide an alternative Downloadlocation for your App? I don't use the Google Services, including their Appstore anymore. Would be great if I could download it somewhere else.

Thank you
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cfnovais Offline
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I tried bobdroid and it was working great, but suddendly when it was running the rainbow effect the lights got stucked. I had to restart the raspberry and since that I cannot control the LEDs. I still can connect the bobdroid to the raspberry but nothing happens to the LEDs! Which may be the problem?
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shivanair Offline
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I have replaced my Xtreamer Ultra Box to a new Minix Neo X8-H Plus running on Android (non rooted).
I need you help to make the Mad Catz Cyborg amBX Gaming Lights ( work on the Android Box. (total 6 lights)
I am on XBMC Kodi Helix 14.2 on Android Kitkat 4.4.2

Please can you guide me to configure the Lights on the new Android box.

Many thanks .

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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