[WIP] Fusion Migma V3

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Tomahawk Offline
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Does this skin have a Kiosk mode? I'm setting up XBMC for my mother-in-law and I want to strip away anything that might potentially confuse her.

EDIT: Duh. Settings ->Fusion->Views ... My bad.
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ausafk Offline
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love the skin in particular the wall view in movies hopefully you can help whenever i watch an on demand service like iplayer cancel always shows ontop of the film and the status bar dosent go please help thanks
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wrxtasy Offline
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What a great surprise from the past this Skin is. Smile

This Skin definitely deserves to be revived, its something different and for once makes full use of the Entire Screen to display Artwork, Metadata etc. Really nice layouts and artwork and big fonts as well.

I also love the views that slide and bounce into place, very iOS.

Its absolutely amazing the sheer number of different View type available in Movies and TV Shows, I've never seen so many in any other Skin.

If anyone wants to to use v3 of this Skin in Gotham 13.2, while frellAn works on a update to it and adds Helix compatibility as well - download the Github zip master file and then unzip and replace the addon.xml file in the unzipped folder with the one below.

The skin.fusion.migma folder will have to then be manually copied over to XBMC/addons/


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