INPUT NEEDED: Newbie PVR guide

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(2013-04-30 20:17)Ned Scott Wrote:  
(2013-04-30 08:00)schtinky Wrote:  I'm attempting to get my raspberry pi and hauppauge 950q to work together and even though I don't have it solved yet, this is the most helpful thread I've found.

After installing the dvb-apps package and downloading dvb-fe-xc5000-1.6.114.fw to /lib/firmware, the device shows up in dmesg and the blue light comes on. However, "scan"ning doesn't work. The output says "tuning failed" over and over and produces 0 channels despite the same tuner + antenna being able to pick up lots of channels on my laptop. The orange "working"/"busy" light never comes on.

Trying to record a file with gnutv gives "cannot query frontend" or some such error.

If anyone is able to get the 950q working with raspberry pi, please let me know the exact details of your setup. Here are mine:

kernel 3.6.11+
distro: raspbian
tuner: hauppauge 950Q revision B4F0
power: 1A but with wired ethernet

If you plug power directly into the USB ports of a second revision model B, then you can get enough power to it. You're probably still borderline on 1amp, though. I would go with a 2 amp power supply, if you can. The tuner will fail without enough power, and it seems to like a lot of it (it gets hot as hell during operation, too).

I've had all sorts of driver issues getting my 950Q to work, and only recently have I been successful. I haven't done a lot of testing yet to see what exactly works or doesn't work, but I can tell you what I did:

I gave up on both Raspbian and Arch linux. Instead, I used rjeb's OpenELEC test build for XBMC v13 "Gotham": This is where I mean that I haven't done a lot of testing, because I'm not sure which of rjeb's tweaks did the trick. Obviously, the XBMC-side of things didn't matter for me, I only wanted the TVHeadend server, but I think the success here came from the newer kernel compared to my previous attempts. There's been a bug or two for the drivers that the 950Q uses on past kernels.

I can either use a powered hub or use a male-to-male USB A adapter to provide power to the USB ports of the R-Pi, that powers both the tuner and the R-Pi, but only on Model B rev2 (the one with 512 ram).

Did my scan, but had the "services with no name won't map" bug. So I had to manually create channels and then from the channels tab, map services to channels.

After many many attempts on different OSes, downloading drivers individually, even trying to compile both drivers and TVheadend, this is the farthest I've gotten, and it works and doesn't crash (a few times I had working set ups, but they would crash all the time). At least for TVheadend, the 950Q, and the Raspberry Pi.

I just acquired a 950q for free Smile whats the update on using this on OSMC on Raspberry Pi 2 ?

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