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MrKuenning Offline
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I am just setting up my new HTPC / PVR and I thought I would start with NextPVR. I am using MC2XML for the XMLTV file, and I am using the AEON NOX skin in XBMC.

However I was seeing a blank looking epg with white letters on a black background.
Similar to this.
[Image: screenshot000.png]

I found a guide online to make a epg-genres folder in the addon/skinname/media folder and add a 256.png file to get a grid look.
Now it looks like this
[Image: original.jpg]

I would like assistance making the genere catagory colors working in the EPG to make it look more like this.
[Image: xbmc2.jpg]

MC2XML has catagories listed in it
<programme start="20130318190000 -0800" stop="20130318220500 -0800" channel="">
        <title lang="en">WWE Monday Night RAW *</title>
        <category lang="en">Episodic</category>
        <category lang="en">Other</category>
        <category lang="en">Series</category>
        <category lang="en">Sports</category>
        <episode-num system="onscreen">637</episode-num>
        <episode-num system="ms_progid">1.EP000565121027</episode-num>
        <episode-num system="dd_progid">EP00056512.1027</episode-num>
        <new />
        <subtitles type="teletext" />
        <rating system="VCHIP">

And I have a file in the epg-genres called genre-numbers.txt with the following.
Genre Numbers set internally by XBMC

0 = other/unknown
16 = moviedrama
32 = news
48 = show
64 = sports
80 = child
96 = music
112 = arts
128 = social
144 = science
160 = hobby
176 = special
192 = other/unknown
208 = other/unknown
224 = other/unknown
240 = other/unknown
I assumed those correlate with translating the category to the corresponding PNG.

Excuse my ignorance on this matter, but I have tried googling this for a while now and I haven't found any answers related to NEXTPVR.
Has anyone got this to work?
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kristle Offline
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I use NextPVR but don't like genre colours...However, have you tried setting them up in Next PVR—not sure if they might carry over to XBMC (like the channel logos do)?
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MrKuenning Offline
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I don't use NextPVR as a front end but i will look into that.

I would also like to know if there is a way to show more information on the second line on the EPG. Like episode title or rating...
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kitehigh Offline
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I see others have got this working but I have ad no luck yet.

How do I go about mapping the genres?
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emveepee Offline
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North American genre mapping needs custom mapping to the DVB genres supported by XBMC See Mr K's post here

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