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BigNoid Offline
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Post: #121
Just as a fyi: As nox 5 is now out on repo, my next project will be updating droid for gotham and to give the homescreen a new look with improved usability.

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McConnor Offline
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Hello BigNoid - thats good info. I just installed XBMC on my Samsung Galaxy S2 - It works like a charm but I have a hard time reading the buttons and hitting them correctly with the fingers. From what I could tell your skin is ideal for use on a smartphone. So I am looking forward to the Gotham Release.

In the meantime: is there (besides the "touched" which is still very hard to read on my phone) another skin that is optimised for smartphones that could be used until you can make "doid" compatible?
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bitaro Offline
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Post: #123
Just registered to the forum to say that I have recently upgraded to Gotham and miss a lot the Droid theme (I use it not only on android tablets but also on PCs).
But I am glad to hear that it is being worked out for Gotham, maybe somebody can post when this is supposed to be available?
I also take the opportunity to ask for a small enhancement: please add fast-forward and rewind buttons to the full screen player, it is the only fault of Droid, mainly on tablet where we do not have keyboard shortcuts.
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ph87 Offline
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Post: #124
Hope you will finish it soon - but take the time you need!!!

Droid is the only beautifull looking touchscreen skin! re.touched works but it's a little boring... I'm waiting for your work...!!!
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fabiomello Offline
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Post: #125
do you plan on using skinshortcuts on the next version of droid? it would be amazing. Smile

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lexi81 Offline
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Post: #126
Any progress?

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