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Hetfiled Offline
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Post: #991

I have a little problem with this skin,
after watching a tv show and come back to the main list the background fanart is disappeared.

How can i solve it?

this problem is not present in aeon mq5.

thank you Wink

Antec Fusion - A6 5400k / Ati HD7540 - XBMC Gotham
Kuro 5090 - Onkyo nr809 - B&W - Harmony One
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boyofford Offline
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(2014-09-09 08:02)vineet381 Wrote:  Hi,
How do I lock the view of the lists and make it default?

Not definite on this, but do kiosk type modes in skin options remove the view options? so leaving it as you set it?

Just checked on xbmc install I've got at work(use for testing stuff).
Does this do what your after?

OR maybe just this?
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tododo Offline
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Post: #993
Hi all

Anybody know how to disable the pan and scan feature on this skin

ie when I add a custom menu item and clicking on that the pan and scan is active

Anyway to turn off??

Thanks all
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alphabeta279 Offline
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Post: #994
(2014-07-26 15:57)alphabeta279 Wrote:  awesome skin - best by a long way!

Quick question I know there's an answer to, I just can't remember!

When using the startup playlist videos to play intro videos when xbmc boots, I set the playlist in the Ace setting screen.
This all works great, except I get no sound. Sound works perfectly once the skin's loaded, so it's just like it's kicking off the video before sound get initialised or something.

I fixed this before, but can't remember what the tip was - it was around tweaking a config file for boot up.

Any ideas?

No ideas on this? I'm wondering if it's possible to delay booting of the skin or xbmc until sound initialised? Or maybe just delay 10 secs and see if this solved - v quick boot as on ssd so wonder if this is problem? Sound is by hdmi on linux build, so thinking could be driver related to this?
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fwookster Offline
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Post: #995
I like this skin, however on Linux Mint 17 Cinamon, I cannot rename a My Menu item, the keyboard is blank.. I can see done, space bar, arrows and stuff but all the alpha keys are blank and i don't see anything when I type and hit done. Anyway to fix this?
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jcorsaut Offline
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Post: #996
Like this skin, thinking about switching over from CCM. Anyway to add a My Menu 3 option? I can do a bit of xml editing if needed.

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electromagnet83 Offline
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Post: #997
Best skin ive found by far. When viewing fanart as the backdrop in movie library it seems stretched to the point where much of the original pic is off screen. The rest of the skin resolution is great, including menu pics. It's just the movie library background pics that are displaying weird. Any ideas?
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