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Bump still looking for answers about this theme.
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Hi I am using this skin on my Raspberry pi, however I am finding that sometimes I can get the extended info for movies in the right side view with all disc art for movies in a collection but other times it doesn't. In fact most times it doesn't appear can any one help me, Id appreciate any assistance as im a noob at all this.
I was told in another thread to install the script info service which I have done.


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(2015-01-25 18:30)Matthias030 Wrote:  
(2015-01-21 09:45)HanFred Wrote:  
(2015-01-12 20:48)lokinz Wrote:  Also PVR "Live TV" is completely broken due to helix changes.
Is that maybe why I'm getting the "no PVR clients have been started yet" error message when I try to start a movie from the "recently added" bar on top of the main menu? TV is turned off as there's no receiver hardware present anyway.
I can start TV shows from the "recently added" bar though, so I'm not sure if it's because the skin isn't fully Kodi compatible or maybe I missed something in the settings. Also, movies play as they should from the movies menu.

I have the same problem and get the "PVR not enabled" message. I use the "recently added" home screen regularly to start my latest movies. PVR is not enabled and TV is turned off. It seems that Kodi needs some PVR scripts for simple video playback and is needed also for those who don't use Live TV and Recorder functionality. Unfortunately the ACE version from muCkk is not fixing this. Maybe a big rework of ACE skin is needed. Anyway, besides this error everything is working well with muCkk's version. Thanks for this!

Skin_migration_PVR_section_for_Helix_release (wiki)

I have these same PVR errors w/ my Aeon MQ5 skin. Were you able to fix it?
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