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Photo  [THEMES] Ace
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In this topic I'll explain how to create your own Image Theme for Ace skin:

1. Create a root folder with any name like MY THEME.

2. Inside this folder create 20 folders with the following names:

addons (with pictures about addons and applications)
aplaylist (with pictures about music playlist)
autumn (with pictures about Autumn season)
concerts (with pictures about music shows)
disc (with pictures about CD, DVD and the like)
favourites (with pictures about favorites)
games (with pictures about games and emulators)
livetv (with pictures about TV reception and the like)
movies (with pictures about movies, HTPC, etc ...)
music (with pictures about music)
mymenu (with personal pictures about theme, abstract)
pictures (with pictures about photos)
settings (with pictures about settings or system)
shutdown (with pictures about shutdown)
spring (with pictures about spring season)
summer (with pictures about summer season)
tvshows (with pictures about of TVShows)
vnodes (with pictures about playlist video or something similar)
vplaylist (with pictures about playlist video)
winter (with pictures about winter season)

* Folder names must be exactly like these otherwise the corresponding image will not be loaded.

3. Within each of these folders created above you can put one image or multiple images on the same topic, the Ace will display images in slideshow form.

4. Basically any type of image is accepted, I recommend using JPG with resolution 1280x720 pixels. You can also use images in FullHD 1920x1080 for those with more powerful computers.

5. After you have created your theme, go to SETTINGS/settings skin/THEMES. Set MY THEME and then enter the path of the root folder MY THEME we created in step 1.

Done, your images will be shown immediately.

You did a very nice theme and would like to share? You can.
Create your theme, put some pictures in this thread and leave the link to the package in zip format so it can be downloaded by anyone interested.

Good themes.


Want to know more about the skin? Liked my work and want contribute?
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By making a donation, please do not post in the forum, send me an email or PM, thank you.
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Hello, is there a chance to to make different images and folders for the genres for movies and tv series?
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ok thanks for the info i ran into a problem after i made the folder then seleted it all i have is a black screen