XBMC 12.1 Frodo: available now

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pagali Offline
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(2013-05-22 12:31)nickr Wrote:  http://www.xbmc.org

But why no announcement in this section? I too have been watching here for 12.2 to be announced.
Ned Scott Offline
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They're just bug fixes. There's not much to announce. We'll probably just rename this thread to "bug fix releases". A v12.3 is likely, too, but will even be less "exciting", but still contain lots of nice bug fixes.
nickr Offline
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No to mention it came up on the rss feed running along the bottom of your screen...

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I suspect most switch off it like me. It's killing remote VNC sessions and cause unnecessary CPU load. That's why gotham will have different kind to inform about new versions.
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thank you very much for all your hard work
johndougherty20 Offline
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I downloaded frodo12.1 on my pivos and have had some issues; lost subscriptions for TV programs, Enormous buffering issues , freezing and dropped programs. Since upgrading as well there seems to be a cache problem (ie it's full) How to emptyConfused and on the top left corner log:/root/xbmc/temp/xbmc.log has appeared and is never ending. TV programs that were in subscriptions are gone and attempts to reinstall are fruitless.

Can I return to frodo v12? without screwing everything up? Or are there fixes for my problems that a simple reinstall would fix?
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Please don't post support questions here. This thread is for announcing the availability of XBMC 12.1. Instead, post in the appropriate help and support (sub)forum.
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