Automatic syncing of thumbnails using MySQL

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I have set up my Windows PC/Android STB/ATV2 to all use mySQL with XBMC Frodo. When I update my library on the PC, new episodes/movies are added to the library and sync between my devices. However, the thumbnails for those episodes are not populated on the other XBMC devices. On my initial library setup, only a few of the thumbs/fanart were actually populated on the non-PC XBMC installs, so I ended up copying the Textures13.db file and the Thumbnails/ folder from the PC to the other devices. At this point, I'd like to have any newly added library content thumbnails automatically populate on each device.

The Wiki states that "Starting in XBMC v12 "Frodo", you no longer need to use path substitution to sync thumbnails and other art between XBMC devices. " - I believe I read that the links to each thumbnail/fanart are stored in the SQL database, and each device should responsible for grabbing the images from those links to update the Thumbs folder locally. I'm not sure why that is not happening in my case. Is this a common problem, and is there a known work-around to fixing that issue?
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Sometimes the update isn't instant. It might take an XBMC client a few hours to re-check the need for thumbnails. I'm not sure why it sometimes happens instantly and sometime doesn't.
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is it me or, although the path substitution isn't needed it can still be used to solve this issue what I'm wondering is if somone can explain and Pro's and cons between the 2 methods? all my devices are currently using windows XBMC frodo 12.2
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