Feature Request - Support or add-on for NCN karaoke format (.lyr, .cur, .mid files)

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I lived in Asia for several years and love karaoke since then. Since I want to integrate all entertainment into one HTPC box, I would love to use XBMC for karaoke.

I brought a few karaoke DVDs from Thailand. Unfortunately, they are in a less-known format, which consists of three files for each karaoke song:
  • a .mid file for the music,
  • a .lyr file for the lyrics,
  • and a .cur file storing timestamps to synchronize music with lyrics.

I didn't find much information about this format, but basically only one discussion thread (here). There it's said that this format is called NCN format. There is also a Perl script and a C script linked which are supposed to merge these three files into a single .kar file (a format supported by XBMC).

Unfortunately, I am not a Python or Perl coder (my programming abilities are limited to Java, Pascal, PHP, etc.). Could anyone re-use the scripts posted in that thread to build an add-on for the NCN format?

NCN format: http://www.un4seen.com/forum/?topic=11559.0
NCN to KAR formater (Perl): https://github.com/zw/ncn-to-kar
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