Work in Progress - Picture-in-Picture (PiP) window for PM3.HD

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[Image: PM3HD_PiP_01_zpsaa3ce28b.jpg]

[Image: PM3HD_PiP_02_zpseeea231d.jpg]

[Image: PM3HD_PiP_03_zps36806073.jpg]

[Image: PM3HD_PiP_04_zpsaa8df79a.jpg]

[Image: PM3HD_PiP_05_zps9e4b4fe0.jpg]

[Image: PM3HD_PiP_06_zpsc048b308.jpg]

Not terribly hard to do - just a little custom XML file to allow a persistent PiP window when XBMC isn't in fullscreen video mode and a few changes to the includes.xml and Home.xml skin files. Those changed behaviour to reflect a new boolean called "Skin.HasSetting(Player_Show_PiP)", which can be toggled by the added option in the skin settings menu.

Drawback: PiP window obscures certain text that might need to be read (Z-order of window is 2 so it sits on top of all other dialogs).
Solution: Conditional visibility is set to hide the PiP window when player is paused.

Drawback: Jerkiness of PiP when moving between certain skin elements.
Solution: Unknown - this always seems to be a problem with the "videowindow" dialog.

Drawback: "black-back.png" background to letterbox/pillarbox content with aspect ratio other than 16:9 is visible if a video is started when no video was previously playing (just before going fullscreen a black box pops up).
Solution: Unknown - looked into visibility tags in the XBMC wiki but found no definitive solution. Considered getting rid of the background and stretching all content to fill the 16:9 PiP window but a) I don't like aspect ratio warping on content and b) the "videowindow" dialog supports basic default window tags only.

Minor drawbacks aside, this fixed a few major ones specific to my setup (video playing in background on skin windows which didn't have a "videowindow" dialog in the bottom left would skip and stutter the audio, visualization on Home screen looked awful due to a rendering area error) and allows you to keep a watchable video running while doing other things in the skin, for example building a playlist or letting the credits of one episode run while choosing another.

Works well in conjunction with a few of my other mods, the reduced size Bookmarks OSD and persistent "content info taskbar":

[Image: PM3HD_PiP_07_zpsf34269f3.jpg]
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How is the progress progressing on this project?
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