[F.A.Q] Ace

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Question  [F.A.Q] Ace
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1. I can't get TVTunes to work in the ACE skin, is this plugin supported.
A: TVTunes is supported, when installed, you need to enable TVTunes. When in the TV Shows screen, bring up the Top Menu, and the last menu on the far right (addons), has the option to turn on TVTunes. After this, exit to the main menu and go back to library in order to activate the script.

2. I have the disc art, disc.png, but the skin does not show, why ?
A: To establish the image cache you need run the script Artwork Downloader. When in the Movies screen, bring up the Top Menu, and the last menu on the far right (addons), choose option GET LOGO\CLEARART - AUTO MODE and wait. After finishing the disc art and other arts are displayed automatically.

3. How can I have access to a test version - Unofficial in Google Drive ?
A: As the name says, the trial version is only to check possible bugs before being released in the official repository. This version is available only to those who are part of the group of skin: donators, translators and people who help me and are elected by me.
If you are not part of the group of skin, you just have a little patience, Usually a trial version is released just days before the official release, when everything is ok, the skin is published for all users.

4. How do I get that skin show me Media Cases ?
A: Ace use the 'tags' on the file name or folder to determine the type of case as follows:

bluray - blu-ray - bdrip (without 3d or 3dbd tag) = Bluray box
bluray - blu-ray - bdrip + 3d or 3dbd = 3D box
3d - 3dbd = 3D box
web = Web box
hdtv = HDTV box
dvd - .iso (without bluray or any other tag) - .ifo = dvd box
All others contents = default box + codec

A example for the bluray case:
filename = moviename.bluray.mkv

5. There a new version of skin available, but for me still shows the old version, why?
A: XBMC makes the search for updates in a pre-determined period, you need not do anything but wait, the automatic update should take no longer than 24 hours after I officially publish a new version.

If you do not want to wait, do this:
Go to SETTINGS/ADD-ONS/GET ADD-ONS/and on the item XBMC.ORG ADD-ONS press C on your keyboard and select FORCE REFRESH. After a few seconds the new version of the skin should already be appearing to be installed or even already being automatically downloaded.

6. I can not download the Ace ExtraPack, how can I do this manually?
1. Download the extrapack here: https://mod-skin.googlecode.com/svn/trun...rapack.zip
2. Unzip the contents.
3. Go to this location: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\userdata\addon_data
4. Create a folder called skin.ace.extrapack
5. Copy the entire contents of item 2 to item 4.
Done, now you can enjoy the themes, styles, icons and images on skin Ace.

Thanks to Powerhouse for the suggestion.


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