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g.scholtens Offline
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Hi there,

I want to play n64 games on my openelec system or other roms. I've got the latsted RC3.0 (generic build).
My cpu is a AMD A6-3650.

What is the best option to play games on my system. I know wii games or not possible on my cpu. So i must play older games.
I love nintendo games, like mario,mario kart etc. or arcade games like street fighter etc.

What wou you recommend.

I want to stay on openelec, because it has a fast boot time (read: cold boot). My htpc is not always on.
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spinmaster Offline
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Here is a pretty nice, detailed guide on how to set up Retroarch on OpenELEC for Retrogaming:

Hope this helps!

OpenELEC 5.0.4
Shuttle Slim-PC XH97V
Intel Core i3-4130T @2.90GHz
Transcend 8GB DDR3 1333MHz
SanDisk Extreme Pro SDSSDXPS-480G-G25 480GB

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