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Hairy Hippy Offline
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Shame about this imdb business. Is there no work around?
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raynerape Offline
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Hello, has anyone figured out how to enable After Watch delete of SMB shares on Windows?
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randomjohn Offline
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(2014-05-13 18:20)bobrap Wrote:  
(2014-05-01 18:29)AlexVallat Wrote:  This appears to be just the plugin I'm looking for, so thank you for writing it!

Unfortunately, there seems to be a small bug in it, when it comes to network shares. It doesn't appear to be able to delete any files accessed through smb.

Doing a little digging, I've tracked this down to the use of os.path.normpath. When Movie or Episode (in gets the file path from the json API, it will have a path something like "smb://server/share/folder", which is then passed through os.path.normpath before being assigned to self.path. Normpath then completely mangles it, producing "smb:\server\share\folder" which isn't going to work for anyone!

I tried simply replacing the line
self.path = os.path.normpath(p)
self.path = p
and that makes it work (for my particular case!), using the alternative deletion method (so using xbmcvfs for the file operations). Also, make sure in file management - episodes (or movies I guess) you have it set for single folder, if that's how you're set up.

Ideally, it would be nice if the plugin could simply request xbmc to remove the video from the library, and let its default handling do the deletion (rather than delete and request full cleaning). Unfortunately, as far as I can tell from a cursory inspection of the API, it's completely impossible to remove an item from the library using the API. Which is a shame.

Tried this and still won't delete a file for me.

I just sorted this out. First, make sure using the context menu - Manage - remove - delete works. I also have my passwords.xml file set up to re-path smb files to smb://username:password@ipaddress/ ... the key wasn't the changes in for me. It was making sure to use xbmcvfs is set - go into after watch - settings - advanced and tick on "alternate file management method". I only know that because I first tried changing but forgot to do the xbmcvfs thing and it didn't work. then i backed out the changes and did make the alternate file management and now it works as intended.

Now I just need to figure out how to make it work more like the context menu functionality (i.e., doesn't run a full clean and re-scan of the library).

Anyway hope that helps.
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hansworst24 Offline
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I just found this add-on, after looking for something like this for a while. I've tested the script to/from NFS shares, which all seem to fail. The os.path.normpath(p) --> p change in the script didn't help for me.

Instead of using NFS shares, I have the NFS shares now mounted under /storage in OpenELEC. Now the script worked as expected, although the Clean-Up script doesn't neccesarily have to run, could be optional.

Nevertheless, it seems the dev hasn't been around for some time on this forum, might have lost interest ? Is somebody running an active fork of the script ?
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ktpires Online
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(2014-08-07 23:41)Theli93 Wrote:  Is the IMDb portion of this plug-in dead then, or is there work being done to restore it?

Does anyone know if this feature will be available again at some point? I really miss
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kiboy6 Offline
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This addon seems awesome - the option to delete a file directly after viewing is something I've wanted for a while and I din't realise that a clever addon had already been written.

However...I can't get it to work in Helix. (Addon can be installed and enabled, but the "configure" option cannot be selected).
Is this confirmed totally non-functional in Helix? Or have i got something wrong in the installation process?

If it doesn't currently work at all in He;ix, are there any plans to fix this addon / introduce the same functionality for Helix and above?

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piker Offline
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I found this add-on just yesterday and it's really great. However I found one small thing when using it with Kodi.
I'm using Kodi for downloading subtitles for the movies and tv shows. Since Kodi moved the subtitles add-on to the core it downloads the subtitles file with the language mark at the end of the file name, which looks like below:
movie: matrix.mkv
subs: matrix.en.txt
I found that After Watch is not moving the subtitle file together with the movie file if there is the language mark. Is this possible to fix it in the future After Watch release?

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dudah84 Offline
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Anyone know if there is another FUNCTIONING addon with similar features?
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tuffno Offline
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I keep movies in /movies and movies I've seen in /movies/_old if this addon was working would it move watched movies and episode into the old folder?

If not is there another way todo this?
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