Adding sub-options to the Programs menu

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I'm hoping to be able to add two shortcuts to the Programs category (so that they appear in the smaller menu above the main Programs / Video / etc menu when programs is selected). How would I go about doing this.

The two items I want to add are Steam (with a link to invoke Steam via Advanced Launcher) and Games (with a link to my Advanced Launcher games category).

I suspect I'll need to look more closely into Advanced Launcher as well, but where would the relevant parts be within Rapier that I'd need to change to make this work? (And, as an aside, is there a good overview of how the skin works that might help me here?)
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If you go to Skin Settings and the menu Home, you can find the Category Submenu. Go to the Programs button and select how many submenus you want and the actions. You can add a favorite, preset, script or plugin. Be aware that if you select button 1, you wil replace the existing submenu 1 (deactivate the custom button and the default returns).

Hope it helps.
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