XBMC on Pi: Add TV/monitor Power Save support when idle?

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(2015-06-07 02:31)timker Wrote:  ok new version is up,


let me know how it goes Smile

Thank you. Tested in OSMC, and working perfectly.

TY for the update.

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darknessgp Offline
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I tried this out on my pi 2 with Openelec using Aeon Nova skin. It works correctly, but seems to have an odd side-effect. After it is activated via timeout or preview, I get the undervoltage warning icon pop up when flipping through the main menu options... If I reboot, i.e. Kodi before screensaver runs, there is no warning. Once it is ran once, I get the warning consistently and have noticed some larger options run slower than before the screensaver ran.
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snickers2k Offline
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thanks for this @timker.
i tried it on OSMC. And it turns the HDMI off, but no matter which key i press, it doesn't wake up.
in fact, i have speakers connected to the jack and i can hear the sound from navigating through the menu, but the HDMI is not coming back ...
is there any way to figure out whats wrong?!

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StrohhutMicha Offline
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I think that this is the most comfortable way to archive it: https://www.reddit.com/r/raspberry_pi/co..._kodixbmc/

Unfortunately, it will restart kodi at the end, which is sad but okay.
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