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I thought I was wanting something simple,but reading the forum on 'Lyrics', I realise nothing seems to be simple here. I am running a Minix Neo X5 with 12.1 XBMC installed. Working well. What I am trying to achieve is to play a long and various artist MP3 file and to display via the Lyrics facility just the titles of the various pieces and the time into the file that they occur. All that is presented in the text file. I want no synchronization of the text and the position of what the file is currently playing. To achieve this, I pasted a dot txt file I created into the Lyrics slot of said file using Media Monkey. That appeared to be accepted, but on playing the file via XBMC, and requesting the Lyrics, I am confronted by no text, although it does say 1/1 File! Is what I am aiming for possible? Remembering that the music on this file actually has no words, it is just music so no amount of searching by a clever add-on could possible 'find' the right Lyrics. I have sort of achieved my goal by creating a dot jpg file of said txt file and pasting it into the 'Cover' slot. That works but the overhead of doing this frequently is a bit of a drag.
Any suggestions how to display my 'Lyrics' on this occasion? Many thanks
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