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dutch_steven Offline
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Hi there,

Personally I love this skin, my compliments to everyone who's working on it or has worked on it!
But still I found it useful to personalize the skin a bit, because I don't like text so much on my screen I decided to make the artworks provided by a bit more visible. Here is what I've done to the TVshow menu's, hope you like it.

TVshow view
[Image: screenshot001.jpg]

Season view
[Image: screenshot002.jpg]

Episode view
[Image: screenshot004.jpg]

I tweeked the ViewsVideoRightlist and ViewsTVLogoRightlist files and this came out. I have not yet found out how I can make this as extra views instead of remake the originals.

If you like, here are my files.
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vicmanpergar Offline
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It looks cool
I did the same in Cirrus Extenteded v2 for the LogoRightlist for movies, just including cd art and cleararts, but as u, i would love to know how to add an extra view instead of remaking one (wheter it is possible)

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