[Feature Request] Custom URL Scheme

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mburget Offline
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very nice Job, congratulation.
I'm only missing a "Custom URL scheme", so that the app can be started from a web page or another app.

Details on the Custom url scheme can be found here:

example at xbmc-commander:


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joethefox Offline
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yep, it's already in the TODO list.

Just for completeness:

remote app source code

so now that there are all the puzzle pieces, maybe someone who wants to help...
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PK21 Offline
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Any news on a custom URL for xbmc remote yet? I would love to integrate into roomie remote.

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nieldm Offline
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Plus one for this. I am a Crestron developer, but there is little point in me redeveloping your app inside a Crestron program when I may as well just shell out to a better interface than I could ever develop.

Right now XBMC Commander is the only option, but I really don't like that app....
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n3tw124rd Offline
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Hi I'm a developer for home automation and I would love to have this feature also.
Maybe like in Sonopad with a remoteurl.
If the remoteurl is set, you can see a return button in the app and you can return to the visualisation.
Thx for your work on the app, you do a great Job.
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