Release - WatchedList - service to automatically save/restore watched state

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ColonelSceneCut Offline
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(2017-02-18 12:37)schapplm Wrote:  The only possibility for the WatchedList addon to recognize the media is for you to set the uniqueid-field in such a way, that the imdbnumber entry of the JSON-query is set.
You could for example
  • set the id-field in the tvshow.nfo and rescrape or
  • rescrape discarding the nfos or
  • set the uniqueid manually in the video library (not in the view but in the database tables) (I would not recommend this).

OK. After reading all this again, I decided to try something. I deleted the blank <uniqueid></uniqueid> "line" from the tvshow.nfos, leaving the ones in my episode nfos intact.
Things worked from there.

The JSON-RPC query :

http://localhost:8080/jsonrpc?request={"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "VideoLibrary.GetTVShows", "params": {"properties": ["title", "imdbnumber"], "sort": { "order": "ascending", "method": "title" } }, "id": 1}

now gives expected results, with an imdbnumber that is set.

From what I understand (which might not be much) if you have a blank uniqueid tag set in your tvshow.nfos, kodi loads that tag as a blank value for the imdbnumber. If you do not have the uniqueid tag in your tvshow.nfos, kodi loads the ID tag as the imdbnumber. I may be wrong since I have no clue of the internal workings of any of this!

Now to edit all my NFOs....

For people running into the same thing as me, who can run a windows batch file on their nfos, can use this little batch file to remove the uniqueid tag from their tvshow.nfos. Just place in your collection root and run.

for /r %%G in (tvsho*.nfo) do if exist "%%~dpnG.nfo" (
        rename "%%~dpnG.nfo" "%%~nG0123.nfo"
        type "%%~dpnG0123.nfo" | findstr /v uniqueid > "%%~dpnG.nfo"
        del "%%~dpnG0123.nfo" /q

BE ADVISED, if you have uniqueids set in your tvshow.nfos, they will be deleted. This batch will simply rewrite ALL the tvshow.nfo without the WHOLE line containing the string "uniqueid". I am aware that none of my tvshow.nfos have the uniqueid tag set to any value.

Disclaimer : I don't know if this is a "proper" solution for this problem (maybe schapplm can chime in), but it seems to work on my test setup. I have yet to try on my complete collection. I have only done so on a few shows to test its functionality.

Be careful when running automated stuff that edits stuff on many stuffs.

Use at own risk.
Always backup first!!

If anyone has anything to add or correct, please do so.

Thanks schapplm for this great addon that I can't live without!Blush

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abescalamis Offline
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This Addon is awesome and super helpful, thanks for creating it.

I installed Kody 18, and I cannot set up Dropbox Synchronization, it gives me an error, any ideas?
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schapplm Offline
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(2017-02-21 20:32)abescalamis Wrote:  I installed Kody 18, and I cannot set up Dropbox Synchronization, it gives me an error, any ideas?
hard to tell without a debug log. Please set high verbosity for logging, enable debug logging in WatchedList addon and post the log e.g. on pastebin.
I will look further into this however, if Kodi 18 is on Release Candidate status. Before it will be a waste of time, since they can change the interfaces in beta status.

My addon: service.watchedlist
My HTPC: Kodi 17.0; Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x64; AMD A6-6400K; MSI FM2-A55M-E33; 4GB Kingston HyperX RAM; Digital Devices Cine CT V6 DVB-C; Streacom FC8B Evo with 120W picoPSU
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ColonelSceneCut Offline
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Just a friendly update on the situation that I ran into.

After removing all the uniqueid tags from my all my tvshow.nfo files. I scanned everything in Kodi 17.0, ran WatchedList and everything went without a hitch. I then exported the nfos with overwrite and got brand new shiny nfos with a "functional" uniqueid.

All is well. Thanks again schapplm for your work on this excellent addon!

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