Release - WatchedList - service to automatically save/restore watched state

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I noticed this behaviour too on XBMC 13.2 with a db file on a windows share. It did not solve by moving the file to a nfs share (see posts above).
Therefore I added an option to make a mysql database for the addon. Since you already had the addon installed, you still had the not-working SQLite DB File option activated. I kept this option for down-compatibility.
You have to change the addon configuration. Instructions how to configure the addon is in the addon wiki.
Instructions how to migrate from SQLite to mySQL is also in the wiki

My addon: service.watchedlist
My HTPC: XBMC 13.2; Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x64; AMD A6-6400K; MSI FM2-A55M-E33; 4GB Kingston HyperX RAM; Digital Devices Cine CT V6 DVB-C; Streacom FC8B Evo with 120W picoPSU
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Worked like a charm on all 3 systems (2x win 7 en 1x openlec-raspi).

Thank you for the recommendation. Took me some work to get MySQL running at first using the tutorials in the wiki. Eventualy I switched to WAMP. Took me 5 min... Smile
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