RetroPlayer branch of XBMC

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If you came here for support, do this one thing.

RetroPlayer is a custom branch of XBMC that can play legally obtained ROMs using emulators from the amazing RetroArch project at

Windows builds for RetroPlayer can be found here

The source code is at The PR candidate code branch is retroplayer-pr (default). Soon i'll have a branch containing the features I left out of the Pull Request (like savestates, a savestate manager, RCB compatibility,

Note to hardcore gamers: For a more immersed game browsing experience, install Rom Collection Browser (RCB) through the Game Add-ons link in the Games window. With some configuration it can launch games using internal emulators. See Will not work on PR branch.

  • Q: Where do I get ROMs? We are gathering a list of publich domain rom sites.
  • Q: What platforms? Win32 and linux. Linux emus are 64-bit. For 32-bit, go to Settings -> Add-ons -> Get add-ons -> Libretro Emulators -> Add-on repository -> Libretro Emulators (32-bit) -> Install. (Or grab binaries from my github repo.) The work-in-progress PR2230 is hoping to make this process easier. Until then, you may have to compile linux emulators yourself. See libretro-super on GitHub.
  • I enabled 32-bit emulators, how do I disable the 64-bit ones? To disable 64-bit emulators, delete xbmc_dir/addons/repository.libretro-linux/ (the 64-bit repo) and xbmc_user_dir/userdata/Database/Addons15.db (the database caching all the add-ons) at the same time. NOTE: This might have dire consequences, but I haven't found any.
  • Q: How to launch a ROM in a .zip file? Enter the zip file and load the ROM. RetroPlayer can also play .zips directly, simple right click (context menu) on a .zip file and hit Play.
  • Q: Why does audio not work? The buffer used by AudioEngine for resampling is too large for real-time gameplay, so your hardware and driver must support the emulator's audio sample rate. Upload a debug log and I'll help you out.
  • Q: Why so "crashy"? Emulator cores are "picky" and I don't maintain a while/black list. Try different combinations of the debug settings below. Once RetroPlayer itself is more complete, I'll start contributing code to the emulators to make them play more nicely with XBMC.
  • Q: What is libretro? It is an API (not a library) used by RetroArch ( Instead of porting a million emulators to a million consoles, you port them to one API and then use a single frontend on different consoles. RetroArch is the frontend. Arcan-fe is another frontend. XBMC is also a frontend now, due to its new RetroPlayer core.
  • Q: What is RetroPlayer? XBMC uses player cores - DVDPlayer, PAPlayer, "faux cores" (external player, omxplayer, amlplayer). RetroPlayer is a new core that intercepts input events and mimics DVDPlayer.

DEBUGGING (Settings -> Games -> Debugging)
  • Q: What is "Prefer loading files from memory"? Loading by memory is the only way to use XBMC's many virtual file system (VFS) protocols: Sabma, NFS, FTP, inside RAR and ISO, etc. If an emulator doesn't support this, it can only load game files on the local hard drive. If it supports loading files by memory AND the file is on a local drive, this setting is the tie-breaker. Loading by memory crashes some emulators, and loading by filename crashes others. Hence the debug setting.


See for yourself Smile It's a long list, eventually I'll write it down.

Cheers =)
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